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TapcoEnpro designs and manufactures the world’s most rugged valves and is the leading provider of severe service, critical flow, and high-temperature control valves, electrohydraulic actuators and other essential products and services to the global refining and petrochemical industry. Our multi-step process includes research, conceptualization, feasibility assessment, establishing design requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, production planning, and finally production.

TapcoEnpro valve and actuator service handles the needs of customers throughout the world with the capability to perform complete valve overhauls in the field with an emphasis on safety, quality, and “on time” completion.

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CIRCOR | TAPCO-ENPRO Isolation Valve

In this video animation, learn how TAPCO-ENPRO's Isolation Valve provides a safer environment when isolating the reactor from the fractionator resulting in safer FCCU operations.


FCCU Reactor - Fractionator Isolation Valve

A Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) is expected to operate without interruption for 3 to 6 years. Maintenance requirements include isolating the reactor from the fractionator by placing a physical blind in the reactor overhead line. The manual insertion and removal of the blind flange is one of the most threatening operations in the refinery. There is a need for a safe operator environment for isolation of a hazardous process by eliminating personnel from the operation and emissions of hydrocarbons to the atmosphere.

TapcoEnpro has met the challenge to provide a protected environment during the manual installation of the physical blind by providing automated isolation of the reactor from the fractionator resulting in safer FCCU unit operations.

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TapcoEnpro - Fluid Catalytic Cracking Valves

Our electro-hydraulic system provides features that can further enhance operations and maintenance. TapcoEnpro’s systems are assembled entirely from quality components that are reliable, easily available and made to meet or

TapcoEnpro - FCCU Slide Valve, Fluid Catalytic Cracking Valves

Slide valves are control valves and are identified by their location and function in the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit. Valves typically found on the FCCU include the regenerated catalyst

TapcoEnpro - Isolation (Goggle) Valves, Fluid Catalytic Cracking Valves

For over 60 years, TapcoEnpro has developed and designed large, special purpose Flue Gas Dampers, Diverters, Guillotine and Goggle Valves in cooperation with process engineers and plant operators to solve

TapcoEnpro - FCCU Boltless Slide Valves, Fluid Catalytic Cracking Valves

TapcoEnpro introduced the Bolt-Less SlideValve™ design to solve a maintenance issue that had troubled refiners for decades. Our Bolt-Less SlideValve™ Design is the most important innovation yet when it comes

TapcoEnpro - Fractionator Isolation Valve, Fluid Catalytic Cracking Valves

The Fractionator Vapor Isolation Valve is a bi-directional, full port, double live-loaded, metal-seated, double block and purge (or bleed), top-entry severe service isolation gate valve.

TapcoEnpro - Two Port Flue Gas Diverter Valves, Fluid Catalytic Cracking Valves

Custom built diverter valves, designed to the individual unit requirements, for precise diversion of flue gas flow. TapcoEnpro’s Diverter Valve is designed for accurate and consistent diversion of the flue

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Press Releases2016.10.14

CIRCOR International Acquires Critical Flow Solutions

CIRCOR International, Inc. announced the acquisition of Critical Flow Solutions (CFS), a privately held company headquartered in Sandy, Utah that develops and manufactures high-quality severe service valves for decoking and fluid catalytic cracking processes in Oil and Gas refineries.


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