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The CIRCOR Difference
Our success

Relentless focus on high performance and continuous improvement in our day-to-day operations drives accelerated growth for CIRCOR. We focus on five core competencies, embracing best practices in everything we do:

  • Attracting, retaining, training, and refining exceptional employees
  • Acquiring strategic businesses in mature and emerging markets around the world
  • Optimizing manufacturing processes and supply chains
  • Anticipating our customers’ needs and innovating products accordingly
  • Meeting the highest Environmental, Health & Safety standards

The process behind our success is the CIRCOR Operating System, our foundational approach to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence.  Ultimately, our goal is to create tangible benefits for our customers, our industry, our global infrastructure, our businesses, and ourselves.


Talent Acquisition,
Development, & Retention

Enhancing the capabilities of our most valued assets

CIRCOR is committed to market leadership in the many industries we serve. To this end, we seek to acquire the very best people, engage and challenge them professionally, and continually enhance their talents and knowledge.

Globally, we offer educational opportunities and training programs, not only to our employees but to our customers as well. These programs encompass a wide range of subjects—everything from critical-training processes and product maintenance to management, manufacturing, engineering, sales, supply-chain logistics, human resources, quality assurance, procurement, and more.

This approach fosters a culture of performance, allowing us to improve our processes and our business while supporting the world’s complex infrastructure. Many of the programs we uniquely offer to employees and customers include:

Kaizen improvement events

  • Over 100 two-day to week-long events conducted annually focusing on improvement of Lean manufacturing processes
  • At each event, a particular process is broken down into steps using various proven methods of analysis
  • Waste is identified and the process is streamlined
  • Improvements identified at each event are immediately implemented, resulting in leaner, faster, and more effective practices for CIRCOR and our customers

Problem-solving centers

  • Proprietary Centers of Excellence integrated across all business units at CIRCOR and our strategic suppliers—also available to customers
  • Immerses participants in the CIRCOR Problem Solving System
  • Integral part of our drive for operational excellence and continued development of a Lean culture
Acquisition, Integration, & Repositioning

Great things happen when opportunities align

CIRCOR is growing, both organically and through strategic acquisitions—a path that we will continue to pursue. In evaluating acquisitions, we conduct rigorous analyses to determine the ideal fit of each company, its ability to meet a need within the overall value stream, and how it complements the existing CIRCOR business.

Intelligent growth is the hallmark of our approach. As CIRCOR moves into markets in which demand is driven by demographic change and technology shifts, we leverage our record of successfully integrating business and culture, repositioning as necessary to meet our customers’ and our own diverse needs.


Global Manufacturing &
Supply Chain Management


High expectations demand higher manufacturing standards

CIRCOR leverages infrastructure logistics, raw-material access, and geographic proximity to provide high-value products and solutions to the many industries we serve.

With strategically located facilities on five continents, in-depth market knowledge, local resources, and globally integrated communications, supply-chain management systems and other protocols are optimized, delivering cost efficiencies without sacrificing the stringent quality and performance requirements of our mission-critical products.

We take a Lean approach to manufacturing as one of our core competencies, implementing best practices globally to achieve and maintain operational excellence. CIRCOR also invests in employee training to continually elevate our performance.

Manufacturing and supply chain models

Our factory and supply chain infrastructure ranges from simple assembly operations to vertically integrated end-to-end supply chain value streams. By growing our global footprint, we are able to improve our competitive advantage.

CIRCOR also purchases outside machined components, forgings, finished valves and operational services to supplement our internal manufacturing capabilities, lower overall costs, and increase responsiveness and speed-to-market.

New Product Innovation

We are committed to solving tomorrow's problems today.

Our ability to bring together diversely specialized engineering talent sets CIRCOR apart. A wide range of expertise, combined with access to global manufacturing facilities and sourcing capabilities from around the world, allows us to develop advanced products to meet the needs of severe-service and mission critical applications.

Environmental, Health, & Safety

A commitment to the environment, health, and safety - a vital component.

At CIRCOR, our Environmental, Health, & Safety (EHS) commitment is integral to every process we perform and every product we make. We value the well-being of our people, our customers, and the communities in which we operate. Accordingly, we ask that each of our employees embraces our EHS policies and actively participate in the necessary training and programs. We strive to:

  • Meet and/or exceed all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations in all operations and activities
  • Design, manage, and operate our facilities in an environmentally responsible and safety-conscious manner, maximizing safety, promoting energy efficiency, and minimizing our environmental impact throughout the product life cycle
  • Set objectives and targets that result in continuous improvement of our environmental, health, and safety performance
  • Train and inform employees of their responsibilities to protect the environment and the health and safety of themselves and their fellow employees
  • Ensure that Leadership takes immediate responsibility for removing safety hazards when they are identified and reported

With our EHS policies firmly ingrained in our business practices, we are able to responsibly develop and manufacture some of the world’s most innovative products while conserving resources for future generations.


Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

We make environment, health & safety integral components of all business processes that will impact our products, services, and operations worldwide.

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Environmental, Health & Safety Cardinal Rules

Cardinal Rules are mandatory, "life-saving" rules that are deemed to be safety-critical and for which there will be zero tolerance for violation.

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