Advanced & Dependable Valving Systems

Portland Valve manufactures a full line of high performance butterfly valves as well as the controls to accompany them, together creating dependable valving systems for a wide range of Navy applications.

Portland Valve (PV) began refurbishing valves in 1994. We have now delivered over 1‚500 refurbished valves to our customers. Our substantial inventory of component parts‚ and our dedicated service team‚ enables us to return these valves to service in an extremely short period of time.

The PV test loop provides the proper flow to accurately set the regulators for all styles of regulating valves. Consequently‚ no fine tuning of these valves is required during installation and all valves meet the requirements for system commissioning (plug-and-go).

Aside from regulating valves‚ Portland Valve is capable of refurbishing all valve types which they manufacture and many types they did not manufacture originally. Their dedication to detail assures that each and every refurbished valve leaves their facility in top quality working order.

Featured Products
Portland Valve Electromechanical Actuator

Smart Valve

Electromechanical Actuator (EMA)

The Smart Valve EMA provides autonomous damage control of water systems. In case of battle damage, the electromechanical actuator sitting on top of the valves is programmed to identify and isolate ruptured piping in a matter of seconds.
Typical Applications: Fire Protection | Water Cooling



Military Aircraft
Tactical Systems
Defense Space Systems
Ground Support



Your best resource for service, maintenance and quality parts.

From the flight deck to the engine room‚ count on us 24/7 to deliver the valves‚ systems‚ controls‚ and actuators that keep the Navy in business. Any time there is an emergency‚ you can depend on us for the expertise‚ speed and quality that only the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Portland Valve products can deliver.

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