THE MILITARIES OF THE WORLD may differ in mission, but they share a common and critical challenge: the need to perform anytime, anywhere, under the harshest conditions, in peace and at war.  That’s a serious demand requiring equipment that performs flawlessly and without fail. Our fluid-handling solutions for defense have earned the confidence and trust of customers like you around the world.

You turn to CIRCOR for our portfolio of pumping technologies, SMART technology advancements, application expertise and industry know-how, garnered from over 70 years of experience and proven success. Because failure is not an option in defense.

A close collaborator and trusted supplier to navies around the world, CIRCOR delivers both standard and customized fluid-handling solutions from trusted brands – Aerodyne Controls, Allweiler, Houttuin, Imo, Leslie Controls, Portland Valve, Tushaco and Warren – in a variety of critical applications on board ships and submarines. Whether responsible for building new naval vessels or keeping ships up and running reliably, customers like you also count on our:

  • Unparalleled engineering, design and application support from CIRCOR Defense Centers of Excellence in the US, India and France for high availability, reliability and maintainability.
  • Continuous product improvement for innovation that ensures precision performance while reducing costs.
  • In-depth understanding of stringent military compliance specifications and documentation.
  • Portfolio of pump packages and systems as well as custom- engineered solutions for diverse shipboard applications.
Defense fleet with helicopters



  • Military Aircraft

  • Tactical Systems

  • Defense Space Systems

  • Ground Support

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See why the navies of the world can always depend on us.

Solutions provider
Portland Valve Electromechanical Actuator

The Smart Valve EMA provides autonomous damage control of water systems. In case of battle damage, the electromechanical actuator sitting on top of the valves is programmed to identify and isolate ruptured piping in a matter of seconds.
Typical Applications: Fire Protection | Water Cooling

image of Defense pump

Centrifugal pumps on submarines are used to transport water with very low acoustic noise. The motor turns the impeller driving water through its system.


Pressurization system regulates ambient air pressure around precision instrumentation on military aircraft at high altitude. The inert atmosphere created by this system ensures optimal performance for precision optics and maintains optically clear glass enclosures.

 pneumatic power module

The pneumatic power module is a device that uses stored high-pressure pneumatics to release missiles from aircraft wing bays. The operation consists of first releasing the safety latch which holds the weapon to the aircraft, then pushing the missile with enough force away from the aircraft wing.

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