Proven performance, when and where it matters most.

Warren Pumps applies battle-tested experience and tactical acumen to solving customer problems—prevailing in the world’s most challenging environments.

For well over a century, Warren Pumps has provided superior solutions for the U.S. Military, as well as for a wide variety of industrial and marine customers. We specialize in twin-screw positive-displacement pumps for industry, along with the development of pumping solutions that include centrifugal, gear and piston.

A CIRCOR brand, Warren Pumps has a long history of solving unique problems for our customers, applying years of uncommon expertise in design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and servicing of products. Resourceful and focused, our engineers have pioneered the application of our two-screw pump technology for pumping everything from asphalt to caulking compounds.

Our products are expected to perform under pressure in some of the most remote places on the planet, land and sea. We manufacture our solutions to meet these expectations, combining the highest quality materials with an exceptional Quality Assurance program and a rigorous testing process.

Warren Pumps are manufactured in Massachusetts by CIRCOR Naval Solutions, LLC. The facility holds the following certifications: ANSI/ASQC Q 9001‚ Mil –I-45208‚ and ISO 9001.

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Twin Screw Technology

Twin Screw Pumps


Our Houttuin and Warren® brands have been industry standards for over 80 years.

Twin-screw pumps are delivering results in even the toughest of conditions all over the world.

And no one knows this technology like CIRCOR.

High performance meets high reliability.

Because they're designed to move fluid at a consistent rate, regardless of pressure, twin-screw pumps deliver results where centrifugal pumps are unable to and are able to actually increase efficiency as viscosity rises.

But twin-screw pumps don't just offer performance, since they are designed to eliminate metal-on-metal contact which means a longer life, improved reliability and less downtime.

In addition, unlike other pump options, two-screw pumps can:

- Tolerate contamination
- Handle a large range of viscosities and fluids
- Low NPSH required
- Run dry
- Low fluid sheer
- Operate at variable speeds

And with twin-screw pumps' ability to handle multiple liquids at multiple viscosity rates, they can be used for a wide range of applications.

Featured Products

Warren - Horizontal Twin Screw Pump Series J-80X

Horizontal Twin Screw Pump up to 28 bar

Warren - Horizontal Twin Screw Pump Series J-40X

Horizontal Twin Screw Pump up to 69 bar

Warren - Horizontal Twin Screw Pump Series J-70X

Horizontal Twin Screw Pump up to 31 bar

Warren - Horizontal Twin Screw Pump Series J-60X

Horizontal Twin Screw Pump up to 55 bar

Warren - Horizontal Twin Screw Pump Series J-50X

Horizontal Twin Screw Pump up to 69 bar

Warren - Horizontal Twin Screw Pump Series J-30X

Horizontal Twin Screw Pump up to 69 bar

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Press Releases2019.08.27
CIRCOR has signed an investment agreement to build a new facility in the Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone (ETDZ). This commitment is a significant step forward in CIRCOR’s strategy to support the company’s customers in China and Asia Pacific.


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