Houttuin‚ a CIRCOR brand‚ developed the original pump design that is the blue print for today's low-pressure‚ twin- screw positive displacement rotary pumps. Designed and built for the Dutch coal industry‚ these early pumps laid the foundation for Houttuin’s solid reputation as a supplier of high-quality‚ energy-saving and cost-effective industrial pumps.

Houttuin Pumps are used worldwide in the chemical and petrochemical industry‚ tank farms‚ power plants‚ offshore‚ refineries‚ shipbuilding and marine‚ soap‚ food‚ beverage‚ plastics and sugar industries.

Houttuin employs specially designed and built CNC machines to manufacture its complex screw shafts to the extremely high tolerances necessary for its pumps. Equally important is the test facility where every pump undergoes both a hydrostatic test and running test—approximating as near as possible the actual duty conditions.

Houttuin is ISO 9001 certified and has manufacturing operations located in Utrecht‚ Netherlands.

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