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AS THE CONSUMPTION OF ENERGY SOARS worldwide, operators of power plants and production facilities are challenged like never before - not just to meet the growing demand but to deal with an increasingly tough business environment. CIRCOR understands those pressures. We deliver a portfolio of pumps, valves and systems designed for a wide range of flow rates, pressures and fluids. Power generation fluid-handling solutions are engineered for reliable performance under the most rigorous conditions and for extended periods of time. They’re also backed by application experts and technical support for maximum availability and uptime. Because failure is not an option in power generation.


Power Generation Solutions

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Pumps, valves and fluid handling systems from trusted CIRCOR product brands -Allweiler®, Houttuin™, Imo®, RTK®, Schroedahl® and Warren® - support a wide range of mission critical applications in all types of power plants: hydro, nuclear and fossil. Through our standard and custom engineered solutions, we offer a wide range of designs for fluid handling systems in power generation applications. Power generation operators and engineers turn to CIRCOR to help redefine the metrics that matter most to them:

  • Technology: providing the right pump, valve & system solution for every application
  • Reliability: maintaining performance of the system regardless of operating conditions
  • Availability: maximizing the time for power production
  • Uptime: ensuring run-time consistency without fail
  • Compliance: sustaining the commitment to environmental responsibility
  • Cost-effectiveness: keeping the plant competitive in a tough global economy
Fluid Handling Solutions
image of a twin screw gear render

Houttuin | Warren

Double-entry, self-priming, high suction lift capabilities with low NPSHR values, capable of running dry .
Application: Especially suitable for balance-of-plant applications, handling large volumes of liquids with or without lubricating properties, especially low viscosity liquids such as Naphtha.

image of a three screw pump render

Allweiler | IMO

Self-priming, high efficiencies and very low noise. Provide continuous, pulsation-free flow through the pump.
Application: For handling oils or other lubricating and noncorrosive liquids, especially in primary applications such as fuel injection and lubrication.

progressing cavity pump icon


Single- or multistage pumps, self-priming. Provide continuous, low pulsation flow, without creating emulsion. Especially suitable for metering.
Application: For pumping or metering fluids in a wide range of viscosities and corrosive properties. Also suitable for multi-phase liquids and contaminated liquids such as sludge and slop oil.

image of centrifugal gear icon


Designation, rated power and dimensions according to EN 733 or EN 22858. The EN performance scope has been exceeded with additional pump sizes. High-pressure centrifugal pumps in multistage design, up to 15 stages depending on pump size.
Application: For handling neutral or aggressive, pure or contaminated, cold or hot, and toxic liquids.

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Power Generation

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