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A legacy of energy-efficient performance lives on.

At Houttuin, our original innovation was a pump that could handle large quantities of viscous liquids while minimizing energy loss. Efficiency caught on.

Houttuin‚ a CIRCOR brand‚ developed the original pump design that became the blueprint for today's low-pressure‚ twin-screw positive displacement rotary pumps. These pumps, initially built in 1929 for the Dutch coal industry, solidified our reputation for manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient and cost-effective industrial pumps.

Houttuin Pumps are used worldwide in a variety of industries, including chemical and petrochemical‚ tank farms‚ power plants‚ offshore‚ refining‚ shipbuilding and marine‚ soap‚ food‚ beverage‚ plastics and sugar.

To manufacture its complex screw shafts to the extremely high tolerances necessary for its pumps, Houttuin employs specially designed and built CNC machines. Equally important, every pump undergoes both a hydrostatic test and running test at our testing facility to approximate—as nearly as possible—actual duty conditions.

Houttuin is ISO 9001-certified and has manufacturing operations in Monroe, North Carolina and Allweiler India, Daman.

Featured Products
Houttuin TT Series Twin Screw Pump

Houttuin’s 249.TT series pump is used for unloading and transfer applications. The TT series has fewer parts, is lighter in weight and offers a lower net positive suction head (NPSH) than similar sized pumps.

Houttuin 249.TT Series Twin Screw PumpLearn more
Houttuin MR Series Twin Screw Pump

High pressure twin screw pump. The MR series is suitable for handling between 0 to 100% gas and is ideal for high capacity production and transportation applications in the Oil & Gas market

Houttuin MR SeriesLearn more
Houttuin 136 Series Twin Screw Pump

The Houttuin single entry twin screw pumps series 136 are horizontal rotating self priming positive displacement pumps. Two intermeshing screws rotating in a pump casing ensure high pumping efficiency with constant axial flow and unequalled suction power.

Houttuin 136 Series Twin Screw PumpLearn more
Houttuin 211 Series Twin Screw Pump

The Houttuin double entry twin screw pumps series 211.40 are vertical rotating self priming positive displacement pumps.Two inter-meshing screws rotating in a pump casing insert ensure high pumping efficiency with constant axial flow and unequalled suction power.

Houttuin 211.40 Series Twin Screw PumpLearn more
Engineered to meet demands and exceed expectations
How Twin-Screw Pumps Work
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Because they're designed to move fluid at a consistent rate, regardless of pressure, twin-screw pumps deliver results where centrifugal pumps are unable to and are able to actually increase efficiency as viscosity rises.

But twin-screw pumps don't just offer performance, since they are designed to eliminate metal-on-metal contact which means a longer life, improved reliability and less downtime.

In addition, unlike other pump options, twin-screw pumps can:

  • Tolerate contamination
  • Handle a large range of viscosities and fluids
  • Low NPSH required
  • Run dry
  • Low fluid sheer
  • Operate at variable speeds

And with twin-screw pumps' ability to handle multiple liquids at multiple viscosity rates, they can be used for a wide range of applications.


3D Product Experience
Twin-Screw Pumps
Industries Served

CIRCOR delivers customer-focused solutions in strategic global markets‚ where tough challenges‚ harsh environments and high-stakes situations demand precision performance and reliability. To deliver where failure is not an option‚ CIRCOR | Houttuin brings customers a portfolio of pumping products and systems and deep experience and expertise in critical applications.

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Pulp and Paper
Environmental Engineering
Mining and Mineral Processing
Steel & Primary Metals
Machine Construction
Gear Boxes and Compressors
Electric Vehicles
Tool Machines
Construction & Building
Heating and Cooling
Food & Beverages
Industrial Boilers

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Oil & Gas

Exploration and Production 
Pipeline Transport 
Refinery and Petrochemical

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Commercial Marine

Complete Pump Packages
Engine Room
Hull Service
Crew and passenger service
Cargo Pumps
Scrubber Systems
Boil Gas Decompression (Fuel Gas Supply)
N2 Purge Systems (Fuel Changeover)



Your best resource for service, maintenance and quality parts.
No one knows your valves, pumps and systems like the experts at CIRCOR. Our certified OEM parts are engineered to meet or exceed original equipment standards and our service and support teams are equipped with some of the best knowledge in the industry. We have the resources to troubleshoot, analyze and solve even your most complex issues in ways other service options are unable to.

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Explore Our Success Stories
vessel loading photo composite 1


Twin-Screw Pumps in Tank Terminals


In this article published by Tank Storage Magazine, Axel Jäschke, business development director at CIRCOR explains how twin-screw pumps can improve flexibility, simplicity and efficiency at tank terminals.

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power plant


Keeping the Lights On: Performance Insurance for Mission Critical Pumps in A Peaking Power Plant


Just because a twin-screw fuel pump is more than 40 years old and has never seen a doctor doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. Read our new case study to find out how a primary supplier of backup electrical power benefited from a comprehensive health check performed by a CIRCOR authorized service center on two mission critical pumps. When they learned the pumps were operating well outside the factory clearances and design tolerances the equipment was built for, there were decisions to make.

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Smaller. Faster. More Reliable.

The Houttuin 249.TT two-screw pump series delivers improved flow in a much more streamlined package


When creating the Houttuin 249.TT series, we kept our end users top-of-mind and created a better performing, smaller sized two-screw pump to meet their needs. In addition to an incredible flow rate, the Houttuin 249.TT series has fewer parts, is lighter in weight and offers a lower net positive suction head (NPSH) than similar sized pumps.


In transfer and unloading applications, the longer the process takes, the more it costs. With the Houttuin 249.TT series, you'll be able to unload fluids faster than ever. And your performance won't vary even if storage fluid levels or inlet pressures do.

Learn More



Twin-Screw Pump Smart Technology Package Safe and Reliable Tank Unloading & Stripping


CIRCOR’s Twin-Screw Smart Technology Package automatically adjusts flow in real time to operating conditions protecting the pump from cavitating, while maintaining the highest capacity possible. Our patented algorithm, designed to detect cavitation, makes it possible to preserve required flow in normal operation without oversizing the pump for worst-case scenarios that may occur when stripping a tank or pipeline.

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