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Established in 1958, Aerodyne Controls, a CIRCOR company, is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C:2009-01 certified custom engineering company.

Aerodyne Controls has the engineering capability to design and qualify fluid control products, motion switches, and inflation system components to meet unique customer requirements, often using a proven Aerodyne product as the basis for the new design.  Aerodyne manages all aspects of the program from product design and development, to qualification and production in our lean, efficient manufacturing facility

We are a trusted engineering partner that contributes to your entire design cycle, from concept to production and sustainment.

Our products and solutions include:

  • High-quality pneumatic control components and systems for the aerospace, defense, space, and alternative fuels markets
  • Pressure regulators on cold gas thruster systems
  • Valve manifolds for pneumatic weapons ejection and flotation-recovery systems
  • 10,000 PSI regulators for the next generation of ­auto­motive hydrogen fuel cells
  • Mercury-free motion switches
  • Impact switches for cockpit voice recorders, emergency lighting systems, and medical devices
  • Acceleration switches for weapon systems
  • Inflation products for defense and commercial life rafts and marine evacuation systems 
  • Lanyard and solenoid operated inflation valves, check and relief valves, and various hose assemblies

Choose us for:

  • Decreased Technical Risk and High-Quality Products and Services
  • Increased Business Results
  • Decreased Manufacturing Costs & Time
  • Increased Speed to Market
  • Decreased Total Cost of Ownership
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Military Aircraft
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Life Science

Life Sciences

Blood Separation & Packaging
Hematology Analysis
Cardiology Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps
Compression Therapy
Respiratory Systems
Lab and Diagnostic Equipment

aftermarket parts and service


Your best resource for service, maintenance and quality parts.
No one knows your pneumatic valves and systems like the experts at Aerodyne. Our certified OEM parts are engineered to meet or exceed original equipment standards and our service and support teams are equipped with some of the best knowledge in the industry. We have the resources to troubleshoot, analyze and solve even your most complex issues in ways other service options are unable to. For aftermarket support, please contact your Aerodyne account manager

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The Aerodyne™ switch system by CIRCOR comes to the rescue on aircraft flight safety.

Serving our purpose of Keeping Society Safe, the AerodyneTM Switch System senses emergency events and triggers emergency lighting and black box beacon.

The AerodyneTM impact switch assembly is used on business jet aircraft and helicopters to turn the power on to voice/data recording, fire control, aural tone warnings, and emergency lighting systems in response to unexpected acceleration and impacts.

The hermetically sealed patented system is designed to be impervious to moisture and sand and to continue to function reliably for the full life of the aircraft.

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