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Unmatched service equipment for delayed coking

DeltaValve is known for inventing the world’s first fully automated delayed coking Bottom Unheading Valve. This revolutionary technology was the foundation for many other innovations, including the Top Unheading Valve, Retractable Center Feed Injection Device, Planetary Roller Screw Electric Actuator, Isolation Valves that are in-line maintainable, Auto-Switch Coke Boring/Cutting Tools, and other related equipment.

Traditionally the delayed coker has been considered one of the most dangerous areas of refining, however, DeltaValve's innovative solutions have created levels of safety and reliability previously unattainable. Products range from our coke-drum bottom and top unheading valves, to our fully retractable center-feed injection devices, zero-leakage inline-repairable isolation valves, auto-switch cutting tools and enclosures, and more. DeltaValve continues to be on the leading-edge of new and innovative solutions for the delayed coker.

Located in Sandy, Utah, (near Salt Lake City), DeltaValve is a world leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of critical service equipment for delayed coking. Our renowned fully automated coke drum unheading valves have become a global standard for safe, reliable, and easy-to-operate coke drum unheading.

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Available for both bottom and top coke drum unheading, our valves create a totally enclosed system from the top of the coke drum through to the coke pit, isolating personnel and equipment from coke-drum fallout and other hazards associated with the unheading process.

Another recent innovation from DeltaValve is our retractable center-feed injection device. This device combines the benefits of utilizing fully automated coke drum bottom unheading valves with the benefits of traditional coke drum center-feed injection. Center feed injection creates flow channeling up the center of the coke drum, allowing for even and consistent heating/cooling of the coke drum, and reducing significant coke drum stresses and top head eruptions typically associated with side feed entry.

Other DeltaValve equipment for the delayed coker include a full range of in-line repairable isolation valves, complete hydraulics and controls systems, auto-switch coke boring/cutting tools and enclosures, top head blowout diverters, and more.

At DeltaValve, it is our commitment to provide world-class industrial products and services for a global network of customers. This is achieved through the dedication and teamwork of all DeltaValve employees. From technical sales and applications engineering, through manufacturing and testing, DeltaValve’s demanding quality standards are never compromised.

In addition, DeltaValve’s strategic supplier partnership program ensures that all products and services provided by vendors meet our most stringent requirements. In essence, our total commitment to quality and teamwork, permeates our entire organization. This philosophy, which continues far beyond the product warranty period, is the focus of a customer service department dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction.

DeltaValve is committed to world class performance and delighting its customers through:

  • Supporting and recognizing the contribution and value of all team associates.  
  • Advancing Operational and Business Excellence through a culture of Continuous Improvement.
  • Teaming and Partnering with our Suppliers as an extension of DeltaValve.
  • Complying with all customer statutory and regulatory requirements such as American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Europa Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU.

We recognize that Quality is a journey and not a destination, and we will strive to perfect a culture of excellence in everything we do. It is the responsibility of every associate to carry out this policy.

Featured Products

DeltaValve’s bottom unheading valve permanently connects to the coke drum, creating a totally enclosed system from the coke drum to the discharge pit. Utilizing patented dynamic seat technology, the device is tight-sealing, robust, and highly reliable. With the push of a single button from a remote location, safe and reliable unheading can be achieved. The valve is inherently safe, easy to operate, and designed to be maintenance free between turnarounds.


The DeltaValve coke drum top unheading valve permanently connects to the top flange of the coke drum. With this device, top drum unheading can now be safely accomplished with the push of a single button from a remote location, removing operators from the cutting deck and protecting them from potential coke drum eruptions and top head blow-outs.


Side Feed Entry, Bottom Feed Results.
DeltaValve’s retractable center-feed injection device was developed to combine the benefits of traditional bottom center feed with the advantages of side-feed entry. This technology creates uniform, centered flow channels which reduce the rate of temperature change at the drum wall, reducing overall coke drum stresses, top head blowouts, and premature drum failure.

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CIRCOR delivers customer-focused solutions in strategic global markets‚ where tough challenges‚ harsh environments and high-stakes situations demand precision performance and reliability. To deliver where failure is not an option‚ CIRCOR | DeltaValve brings customers a portfolio of of highly engineered, innovative solutions for the delayed coker.

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