DeltaValve is known for inventing the world’s first fully automated delayed coking Bottom Unheading Valve. This revolutionary technology was the foundation for many other innovations, including the Top Unheading Valve, Retractable Center Feed Injection Device, Planetary Roller Screw Electric Actuator, Isolation Valves that are in-line maintainable, Auto-Switch Coke Boring/Cutting Tools, and other related equipment.

Featured Products

DeltaValve - DeltaGlide, Maintenance System

The DeltaGlide support and maintenance system is designed to facilitate installation of our bottom unheading valve. It is also designed to maintain alignment of valve components separated during maintenance and inspection. This system is designed to support the valve and accommodate vertical and lateral drum movement during cycles, facilitating disassembly of the unheading valve on the switch deck. Support is provided by an engineered spring hanger, with an option for the DeltaLift hydraulic vertical lift system with positive lockout.

DeltaValve - Isolation Valves

DeltaValve delayed coker isolation valves are reliable, low maintenance, tight shut-off isolation valves, designed for high temperatures and harsh applications. The throttling version is capable of operating continuously in the partially open (throttled) position while isolating the body internals from the process. Steam purge requirements for our isolation valves are extremely low. The innovative valve design provides practical and efficient in-line maintenance of all internal components without removing the valve body from the line.

DeltaValve - Coke Drum Top Unheading Valve

The DeltaValve coke drum top unheading valve permanently connects to the top flange of the coke drum. With this device, top drum unheading can now be safely accomplished with the push of a single button from a remote location, removing operators from the cutting deck and protecting them from potential coke drum eruptions and top head blow-outs.

DeltaValve - Coke Drum Bottom Unheading Valve

The DeltaValve bottom unheading valve permanently connects to the coke drum, creating a totally enclosed system from the coke drum to the discharge pit. Utilizing patented dynamic seat technology, the device is tight-sealing, robust, and highly reliable. With the push of a single button from a remote location, safe and reliable unheading can be achieved. The valve is inherently safe, easy to operate, and designed to be maintenance free between turnarounds.

DeltaValve - Auto-Switch Tool Enclosure and Top Head Blowout Diverter, Cutting Tool Enclosure

The cutting tool enclosure mounts directly to the top unheading valve and creates an inherently safe coke cutting operation. By enclosing the top head and cutting tool, exposure to pressurized cutting tool water can be eliminated and debris from top head blowouts can be diverted away from workers and the cutting deck. The drill stem guide is integrated into the enclosure and is designed to guide and stabilize the drill stem during coke cutting and boring modes.

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Press Releases2016.10.14

CIRCOR International Acquires Critical Flow Solutions

CIRCOR International, Inc. announced the acquisition of Critical Flow Solutions (CFS), a privately held company headquartered in Sandy, Utah that develops and manufactures high-quality severe service valves for decoking and fluid catalytic cracking processes in Oil and Gas refineries.


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