Focused on the design, development, and manufacture of specialty fluid and motion control products for demanding aerospace and defense applications. CIRCOR Aerospace products are flying on most commercial and military aircraft, including single and twin aisle air transport, business and regional jets, military transports and fighters, and commercial and military rotorcraft. Other markets include unmanned aircraft, shipboard applications, and military ground vehicles.

CIRCOR | Aerospace Product Brands (Aerodyne Controls, Circle Seal Controls, Bodet, Industria, Motors, Loud Engineering, U.S. Para Plate) are manufactured in Corona, California, Hauppauge, New York; Paris, France; Uxbridge, UK; and Tangier, Morocco. CIRCOR Aerospace is headquartered in Corona, California.

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CIRCOR Aerospace emergency landing gear blow-down system allows safe landing of helicopters.

CIRCOR Aerospace’s Emergency Landing Gear Blow-Down System on the Helicopter is the last resort for landing gear deployment in an Emergency (loss of Hydraulic Power), allowing pilots to conduct safe landing and protect our troops.

Current heavy lift designs demand to be reliable, low maintenance and survivable. The new heavy lifter is designed to allow the U.S. Marine Corps and international militaries to move troops and equipment from ship to shore and to higher altitude terrain more quickly and effectively than ever before. The CIRCOR Aerospace’s emergency Landing Gear Blow-Down System is designed to provide an additional layer of redundancy and safety. In the event of hydraulic power loss, the blow-down system provides pneumatic power to the actuators that extend the landing gear preventing catastrophic emergency landing.

Product Spotlight

CIRCOR Aerospace Air Check Valves support human life sustainment on spacecraft on missions to space.

CIRCOR | Corona A&D Air Check Valves support the mission-critical human life sustainment on the spacecraft on missions to reach the Moon and Mars.

CIRCOR Aerospace has designed, developed, assembled, tested and delivered two types of complex air check valves used within the Air Revitalization Subsystem (ARS) of the Environmental Life Support System (ECLSS) for the spacefraft Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV). This spacecarft is intended for use on the Journey to Mars, “Moon to Mars.”

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Press Releases2018.04.12

CIRCOR Aerospace Receives Airbus SQIP Best Performer Award

CIRCOR Aerospace, Inc. was presented with the Airbus Equipment and Systems SQIP Best Performer award for 2017. The SQIP (Supply Chain and Quality Improvement Program) award is presented by Airbus to four suppliers each year for excellent and sustainable performance on serial programs. CIRCOR Aerospace provides Airbus with fluid control components.
Press Releases2018.04.10

CIRCOR Aerospace & Defense California Receives AS9100 Rev D Certification

CIRCOR Aerospace Inc., a CIRCOR International company, announced that its Aerospace & Defense California business has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 + AS9100 D certification by its registration partner, SAI Global.
Press Releases2017.10.09

CIRCOR Aerospace Engineer Awarded Patent for Miniature Surface Mount Technology Housing

CIRCOR Aerospace, Inc., a CIRCOR International company (NYSE: CIR), today announced the award of a U.S. patent to one of its engineers, Brent Salamone, for Miniature Surface Mount Housings for electronics packages.
Press Releases2016.05.03

CIRCOR Aerospace & Defense Introduces TruLaunch Pneumatic Launching System

CIRCOR Aerospace & Defense, a CIRCOR International Inc. company (NYSE:CIR) has introduced TruLaunch, a lightweight, high-pressure pneumatic rail launcher for commercial Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles and Systems. A revolutionary pneumatic launcher, TruLaunch is designed for optimal flexibility, portability and durability in the field.


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