Comprehensive Portfolio of Pigging and Flow Assurance Products and Services

Pipeline Engineering is a world leader in the designing, testing, and manufacturing of pipeline pigging and flow assurance products, engineering, pipeline cleaning services, and project management.

The ability to provide project-specific products and service solutions to the oil, gas, process, and renewable industries, has forged our reputation as a proven source of quality and expertise.

Featured Products

Pipeline Engineering - ROC (Rapid Opening Closure)

A Closure System that ensures Safe, quick, and reliable access to pipelines. ASME VIII Div 1 compliant, and is a key part of a pressure vessel.

Pipeline Engineering - Omni-Signaller

PE's range of Intrusive and Non-Intrusive pig signallers (scraper passage indicators) are tracking instruments fitted to pig launcher and receiver stations to confirm the launch or arrival of a pig/scraper.

Pipeline Engineering - Launchers, Receivers, Traps

Pig/Scraper launchers and pig/scraper receivers are installed on pipelines to launch and receive pipeline pigs, pipeline spheres, and pipeline inspection tools. Pig launchers & pig receivers offer a safe and

Pipeline Engineering - Foam Pigs

Foam Pigs and Scrapers, used for a variety of pipeline leaning activities: Liquid Removal, swabbing, drying, product separation, cleaning. Designed to be disposable.

Pipeline Engineering - Solid Cast Polyurethane Pigs / Slik Pigs

Solid Cast Pigs/Scrapers are typically used as sealing Pigs to remove debris, and to keep pipelines clear of deposit build up. Designed to be disposable.

Pipeline Engineering - Metal Bodied Pigs

Metal Bodied Pigs/Scrapers are designed to meet specific requirements of pipelines, and are a detailed, designed, engineered product


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