CIRCOR Naval Solutions LLC (Warren Brand) is a nearly 110-year old engineering firm that specializes in solving unique pumping applications for the US Military as well as for a wide variety of industrial and marine customers.

Our emphasis is on twin-screw positive displacement pumps for industry and a wider variety of pumping technologies for the military‚ including centrifugal‚ gear‚ piston and twin screw.

Warren brings a unique ability‚ not only to designing pumps‚ but also to the manufacturing‚ packaging‚ testing and servicing of products. Our strength comes from years of experience in solving pumping application problems and proving their benefits in the field. A typical Warren pump is located in services where operational reliability is of the utmost importance and can be found on land and sea in remote corners throughout the globe.

The Warren team of engineers consistently utilizes their expertise to forge into new materials and design concepts‚ and prides itself on the close association with their customers.

CIRCOR Naval Solutions LLC‚ headquartered in central Massachusetts‚ holds the following certifications: ANSI/ASQC Q 9001‚ Mil –I-45208‚ and ISO 9001.