Built to Exacting Sampling Specifications

Texas Sampling is a worldwide leading manufacturer of closed- loop grab samplers used to collect samples of liquid, gas, and powder from flow streams. And, since no two sampling applications are exactly the same, Texas Sampling works closely with its customers to meet their specific requirements. All of our sampling systems are designed and manufactured at our facility using the highest design standards.

Texas Sampling customers include those in the oil refining, petrochemicals, chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and weapons disposal industries.

Featured Products

Texas Sampling - LSG, Gas Closed Sampling System

The LSG sample system is designed for taking samples of gases or vapor in applications where a process return is available.The sample cylinder is filled from the top to flush

Texas Sampling - MDFV, Manual Fixed Volume

MD Manual Fixed Volume Sample System

Texas Sampling - DETECTOR, Gas Closed Sampling System

The Texas Sampling, Inc. Detector Tube sample system is used to take a relative emission free sample safely. To do this, our system drops the pressure to 5 PSIG or

Texas Sampling - Dual Phase, Liquified Gas Closed Sampling System

The Dual Phase/Reactor Effluent Sampling system has been designed for the collection of Liquid and/or Gas samples during the Hydro-cracking and Hydro-treating process. The lab is looking for the

Texas Sampling - TSI3, Fixed Volume Liquid Closed Sampling System

The TSI3 Fixed Volume Sample System is designed to take a specified amount of sample. It can be used in both low and high pressure applications. A fixed amount of


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