Pipeline Engineering provides pipeline modification services for planned maintenance of pipelines, operational changes to pipelines and reactive emergency requirements. Typically this includes:

  • Repairs to leaking pipes
  • Replacement of damaged sections
  • Replacement of defective valves
  • Sealing of redundant lines
  • Tie-in of new lines
  • Pipeline commissioning and decommissioning

When modifications to a pipeline are carried out, it is normally a requirement for the pipeline to be restored to service as quickly as possible. This is particularly the case with unplanned modification work and where the pipeline contains hazardous materials, such as hydrocarbons.

Pipeline Engineering provides specialist engineering services for all types of pipeline modifications including:

  • Valve fitting and replacement
  • Launcher and receiver installation
  • Pipe section isolation
  • Repair methods and procedures
  • Decommissioning (line void evacuation)
  • Re-commissioning leak testing
  • Spool piece manufacture and fitting
  • Cold cutting
  • In-service pipe welding and weld repairs
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Full site procedures, quality and risk assessments
  • Consultancy services

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