PECAT™ is a pigging based inspection tool developed by Pipeline Engineering primarily to measure how clean a pipeline is, particularly prior to high resolution inline inspection and the decommissioning of pipelines. Using state of the art unique sensor and data logging technology, in one pigging run, the PECAT™ tool can measure location and quantity of debris in the pipeline, as well as record the other parameters, such as ovality (caliper), temperature and differential pressure.

While the PECAT™ pipeline cleanliness assessment tool is normally used prior to high resolution inline inspection and the decommissioning of pipelines; it can also be used as part of ongoing pigging campaigns in operational pipelines to ensure deposit build–up in the pipeline is kept under control.

Benefits of PECAT™ include:

  • Incorporates a caliper system and additional process data logging capability
  • Makes assessment of cleaning programmes simpler and more effective
  • Can measure debris of 1mm or less
  • Helps prevent ineffective pipeline inspection programmes by establishing the actual cleanliness of the pipeline
  • Suitable for the assessment of residual debris during operational cleaning, chemical treatment and pipeline decommissioning

PECAT™ is a specialist tool requiring the necessary understanding to operate and analyse the data retrieved. Pipeline Engineering therefore manages the operation of PECAT™ and the analysis of retrieved data.

Pipeline Engineering has a team of service engineers who manage the operation of PECAT™, carry out all site operations and data analysis. PECAT™ service support includes:

  • Assessment of pipeline suitability for using PECAT™
  • Deployment and retrieval of PECAT™
  • Data retrieval and analysis
  • Full report of findings

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