Pipeline Engineering provides pipeline pigging tool refurbishment and repair services; this includes pigging tool inspection and when required, the replacement of worn or damaged parts on pipeline pigs to extend their working life. The components we refurbish or replace as part of this service are the discs, cups, blades, brushes and attachments such as magnets. We also refurbish entire pipeline pig bodies.

Pigs sent to Pipeline Engineering for refurbishment are assessed and a full report on their condition is given to the client. All of our cups and discs used when we refurbish pigging tools have a wear line which shows when this part will require replacing in the future. Stocks of regularly replaced components are available to enable a quick turnaround. Pipeline Engineering can also refurbish pigging tools from other vendor companies.

Through inspection of the pigging tools, Pipeline Engineering is also able assess whether there are problems in the pipeline causing excessive wear or damage to the pipeline pigs and provide relevant advice.

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