The potential for pipeline operators and contractors to improve their production, reduce operational and maintenance costs and increase revenue through flow assurance products and services is substantial.

At Pipeline Engineering it is our objective to help customers throughout the world to not only capitalise on this, but also help improve the health, safety and environmental issues surrounding their operations.

We offer engineered solutions for our clients unique requirements as well as a standard range of products. This is achieved by careful analysis of the problem, being flexible and open in our approach, prototyping and testing of alternative solutions to find the most suitable method of operation.

Whether at the design phase in specifying the pipeline geometry, at the construction phase laying the pipeline, during the operational phase of cleaning the pipelines and maximising flow, or during pipeline inspection; Pipeline Engineering will help with flow assurance issues.

While standard pipeline pigs may be suitable for a range of pigging operations and these are readily available from Pipeline Engineering; for more complex requirements Pipeline Engineering designs, develops and tests specialist pigging tools. This is often a requirement for operations in complex and demanding pipelines where our design and service engineers work closely with clients to design the best fit pipeline pigging solution.

Design excellence is critical to all products manufactured at Pipeline Engineering. This is particularly the case with our range of pipeline pigs.

At Pipeline Engineering we review each project as a unique requirement. When designing products our technical and design teams will consider the requirements and then using our 3D SolidWorks® CAD system we will create the product to ensure that it will provide the most effective solution. Operating in this way gives us the flexibility to adapt or change the product in the design phase. Once designed, we will often produce and test prototype products before final manufacture and assembly.

We recognise that where specialist pigging is required, additional support is also often necessary, and our team of Engineers and Project Managers are able to take full control and management of any pigging campaign for our clients.

Specialist Pigging Tools which we routinely design as well as manage during pigging campaigns includes:

  • Bi-directional and Uni-directional pigs
  • Special requirement cleaning pigs
  • De-waxing pigs
  • Jetting pigs
  • Gauge pigs
  • High friction pigs
  • Dual-module articulated pigs
  • Multi-diameter pigs
  • Low pressure isolation pigs
  • Welding Pigs
  • Caliper pigs
  • Low flow pigs

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