Pipeline Engineering provides a comprehensive inspection service for existing operational pig launchers and pig receivers. The inspection and maintenance of pig traps and other pressure vessels services includes project management, consultancy services and the full range of field based testing requirements. Pipeline Engineering can manage every aspect of a pig trap or other pressure vessel from design and production through installation and ongoing inspection, servicing and maintenance.

Pig Trap Inspection Services

Pipeline Engineering provides comprehensive technical assessments of pig launchers, pig receivers and pressure vessel equipment.

To carry out pig trap inspections it is necessary to be familiar with the operation of a range of equipment including the closure mechanism, which forms part of the operational pig trap. The Pipeline Engineering Services team has the capability to inspect most types of closure systems.

A pig trap inspection by Pipeline Engineering can include a detailed analysis of equipment and data, both on site, and at our Service Centres. Results of the findings are reported to the client with recommended actions where appropriate.

What does a Pig Trap Inspection Include?

A pig trap inspection programme from Pipeline Engineering will normally include:

  • An onsite survey (data gathering)
  • An integrity assessment and re-certification

Onsite Survey (Data Gathering)

The onsite survey is likely to include either part or all of the following:

  • Visual Inspection External
  • Internal inspection
  • Function Test
  • Closure Door
  • Material Assessment
  • UT Measurement
  • NDT Measurement
  • Corrosion Mapping
  • Piping Layout

Integrity Assessment

The data gathered from the onsite survey enables Pipeline Engineering to prepare an integrity assessment report.

These pig trap surveys are designed to meet client requirements and can include inspection and assessment of other equipment such as pig handling equipment, leak testing or hydrostatic strength testing. The scope is developed with full client discussion and agreement.

Specialist Resources

Our ability to design, engineer and manufacture pig launchers and pig receivers, as well as provide inspection and servicing of existing deployed pig traps, is achieved using the specialist engineering resources employed Pipeline Engineering.

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