Pipeline Engineering's extensive range of flange weld test equipment has been designed and manufactured for the oil gas and process industries, to carry out localised pressure testing of welded pipe components.

Our Flange Weld Tester is specifically designed for the testing of weld neck and slip on flange joints.

A comprehensive range of flange weld testers are available for hire and in addition to our standard range of flange weld testers, Pipeline Engineering can design, manufacture and test non-standard systems fort special applications; these include remotely positioned and activated flange weld testers.

Available for Hire - We stock flange weld testers for a wide range of pipe sizes ranging from ½" to 36". All flange weld testers are checked at our on-site facilities and are ready for immediate mobilisation. We can also provide bespoke flange weld testers to meet customer requirements and special equipment for pipes or joints above 36".

Benefits to operators - These flange weld testers offer many benefits during pipeline repair/maintenance and shutdown operations.

  • Testing costs a fraction of a full hydrotest
  • Quick to set up for testing
  • Reduced amount of test medium required
  • Localised testing - safer than a full test
  • Time to carry out test significantly reduced
  • Less time taken to fill area for hydrotest as only the area between the seals is filled and pressurised
  • Test procedure provides a strength test as well as a leak test
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Equipment is easy to install and remove
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced loss of production

Easy to Operate

The elastomer seals are expanded radially against the pipe bore, either mechanically (up to 6") or hydraulically (8" and above) to seal off the weld area. The sealed area is then pressurised through the fill/pressure port with either liquid or gas to the required test pressure.

Flange weld testers can be used in vertical, horizontal and inclined piping.

Operating equipment including pumps, extension hoses, pressure monitoring equipment and insertion extensions are also available.

On-Site Services

While many clients hire our flange weld testers to carry out hydrotesting themselves, Pipeline Engineering are able to offer a totally integrated product and service package.

Our engineering team are available to install, operate and carry out full tests with our flange weld testers.. All engineers are fully certified and trained for onshore and offshore operations.

Arranging Hire is Easy

Our Hire Team provides all the information and advice you require on products, hire rates, delivery and collection arrangements. We aim to ensure that you get the equipment you require, when needed and at very competitive rates.

To request this support service, Contact Us directly so that we may provide you with detailed specifications.