Caliper / Profile Surveys

The Pipeline Engineering Service team is able to carry out a range of pipeline profiling requirements.

This is done using a Caliper Tool which locates features and anomalies in pipelines such as:

  • Dents
  • Ovalities
  • Girth welds
  • Valves

Typically a caliper survey will be carried out

  • After construction of a pipeline
  • After modifications to a pipeline
  • Prior to an Intelligent Pig Survey

Our Caliper Tool is capable of operating in pipelines transporting most liquids or gases ranging from 8" through 48" in size. It can travel distances up to 250km in temperatures from -20ºC to +50º.

All electronic components are housed inside a single pressure vessel and data collected by the caliper tool is stored onto flash memory cards for retrieval and analysis.

The full service from Pipeline Engineering includes the initial build of the required caliper tool taking into account the individual parameters of the pipeline to be surveyed.

Once on site, our services team will carry out all pre-launch equipment checks and then the caliper tool is activated, loaded into a pig launcher and sent into the pipeline. The caliper tool is then retrieved from the pig receiver and cleaned. The Pipeline Engineering service team are present at all times during the launch and receipt of the caliper tool.

The stored data is then downloaded and analysed on-site by our field technicians enabling an initial field report to be prepared. The report highlights the geometric variations and heavy deformations.

The final phase is the detailed analysis of all data by our office based technical support team with a comprehensive report of findings prepared for the client.

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