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CIRCOR | Rosscor is a preeminent global supplier of multiphase pumping (MPP) technology and other highly-engineered fluid handling systems for the Oil & Gas industry. As a pioneer in MPP development nearly 20 years ago‚ Rosscor delivered the first fully integrated turnkey MPP system. A technology leader today‚ Rosscor has over 70 MPP installations worldwide.

Rosscor’s MPP technology includes a robust twin-screw multiphase pump combined with a reliable control and monitoring system. It boosts the full well stream mixture of oil‚ water‚ gas and solid particles from the well cluster to a central production facility via a single pipeline. This significantly reduces capital expenditures (CAPEX) by reducing the need for equipment at the wellhead‚ eliminating the need for separators‚ gas compressors‚ gas flaring‚ storage tanks‚ separate liquid pumps and field-installed vapor recovery systems‚ thereby reducing the required real estate and lowering construction costs. It also reduces operating expenses (OPEX) by increasing production by establishing a lower‚ maintained wellhead pressure. In addition‚ by reducing equipment at the wellhead‚ maintenance and inspection are significantly reduced. Environmental benefits are also realized through the elimination of gas flaring‚ greatly reduced spill potential and a smaller footprint that reduces natural habitat disturbances. MPP technology is ideal for wellheads located in harsh climates or challenging environmental conditions.

Leveraging their gas handling expertise‚ Rosscor also provides skid-mounted gas compression systems and natural gas chillers for the upstream sector. These capabilities provide CIRCOR with the tools to effectively manage the needs of production field operators in handling gas‚ oil or a multiphase mixture.

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