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General Industry
Pressure Differential
Maximum: 8bar-d
Fluid Temperature Range
Maximum: 150°C
Flow Capacity
Construction Features
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Design Types
base plate

Product Description

Shuttle Block pump

Product Features

TUSHACO Shuttle Block series employs a unique pumping principle - a combination of Rotary and Piston Pump. Two double acting pistons in their respective slots at right angles to each other accomplish this, while the rotor turns without the need for any valving. The Shuttle Block pump is a self-priming Rotary pump.

There are only three pumping elements - Rotor, Piston and Shuttle. Rotor is keyed to a single shaft and runs concentric in pump casing. It has a rectangular slot across its face. The channel-shaped piston reciprocates within this slot. A rectangular block, shuttle, fits liquid tight in piston slot and reciprocates. The rotary action of rotor combined with the eccentrically mounted shuttle creates reciprocating motion among the pumping elements.

Like a true piston pump, this pump can handle highly viscous liquids with unmatched suction characteristics and yet smoothly without pulsation. This pumping principle - unlike centrifugal or gear pumps - gently handles the product without breaking it down, emulsifying, foaming, chewing or heating: an added advantage at no extra cost. Such a simple construction has resulted in extremely rugged and maintenance-free pumps with very low noise levels. Most of the difficult pumping problems can be overcome by a Shuttle Block Pump.

Typical Pumped Media
Bitumen, Coal Tar, Pitch, Crude Oil, Fuel Oils, Grease, Lube Oil, Palm Oil, Paint, Printing Ink, Varnish, Wax, Vanaspati, Starch, Sugar syrup, etc

Typical Applications
Loading, unloading, transfer, circulation and process pumping of a wide range of products typically as thin as diesel oil to extremely viscose substance like chocolate. For tank to tank transfer and process pumping the shuttle block pumps can handle situations very successfully where normal gear pumps or sophisticated screw pumps may fail to perform.

Typical Industries
Chemical, Petrochemical, Food processing, Oil & Gas

Maximum performance data
Capacity:upto 970 lpm
Diff. Pressure:upto 8 bar
Operating parameters
Viscosity:upto 30,000 cSt
Fluid Temperature:upto 150 °C
Material of Construction
Casing options:Cast Iron

Rotating parts


Cast Steel / Cast Itron / Bronze / Gun Metal

Sealing Options

Gland packing / Mechanical seal / Oil seal

Construction Features

Jacketing options


Partial / Cover

Mounting options


Horizontal Foot

Relief valve options




Relief valves, base frame, coupling, coupling guard, companion flanges, pressure gauges, electric motor, variable speed drives, etc.
Pump mounted on a base plate with above accessories as a ready to install system can be supplied

Salient Features

Self Priming

Smooth Flow

Low Noise & Vibration

Front pull out design


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