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Pumps > Gear
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Design Type

HSC-6188 0.4

HSD-6191 0.4

HSE-6187 0.4

HSG-6189 0.6

HSH-6192 0.4

HSI-6190 1.2

HSJ-6182 0.4

Temperature Range
Maximum: 340°C
Pressure Differential
Maximum: 5800psid
Pressure Inlet
145psid to 1450psid
Pressure Outlet
Maximum: 7200psid
Maximum: 500mm²/s
Fluid Type
Construction Features
Categegory Tags
Design Types
base plate

Product Description

Planetary Pump Series, Model HSD-6191. 3 outlet ports x 1 level

Product Features

The planetary pumps described in this catalog were developed by Zenith Pumps to maximize melt fiber production yields and run time. The pumps are available in configurations with 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 metered outlet streams per pump and in displacements covering the throughput range of 0.1 to 8 liters/hour per stream. When properly installed and operated, the spin pumps provide the fiber producer the following important benefits.

• Outstanding stream to stream and pump to pump metering uniformity resulting from superior design, quality and wear resistance.

• Reduced polymer shear and downstream thermal gradients resulting from optimized gear geometry and internal flow paths.

• Superior pump pressure capability resulting from high strength components including a full diameter coupling housing plate.

• Superior pump toughness and durability resulting from through hardened, particle metallurgy components. In addition to these benefits, the single gear level planetary pump models offer greater stream to stream process temperature uniformity resulting in improved yarn consistency and processability as compared with multi gear level style pumps.

Maximizing yields and run times for melt fiber production in a compact pump design

The Zenith Planetary pump series supports manufacturing operations melt fiber production maximizing yields and run times. Planetary metering pumps provide multiple output streams in a compact pump design. These pumps are ideal for fixed displacement applications requiring 2 or more outputs.

Available Capacities0.4 – 6.0 cm3 / rev /port
Flow Rate2 – 144 cc/min/stream
Max Operating Temperature644F (340C)
Max Pressure Differential7,200 psi
Max Viscosity500,000 cps


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