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Pumps > Gear
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Temperature Range
Maximum: 150°C
Pressure Inlet
0psid to 300psid
Pressure Discharge
Maximum: 1000bar-d
Maximum: 1000mm²/s
Fluid Type
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base plate

Product Description

BMB Series Pumps, Model 5399 (2-Gear design)

Product Features

Benefits and Features

• High Accuracy - stable, repeatable ‑ow control despite process variations in temperature, viscosity, and pressure.

• High Pressure - precision manufacturing techniques hold tolerances to + .00005" (1.25 micron), allowing gear clearances to be kept to a minimum and high process pressures to be achieved.

• Pulseless - precise, rotary spur gears provide smooth, continuous, pulseless ‑ow.

• Valveless - precision metering gears eliminate troublesome check valves used in reciprocating pumps.

• Active Flowmeter - unparalleled mechanical precision combined with a closed-loop Zenith ZeDrive ™ 2000 controller ensures exact flow control without the addition of expensive flowmeters.

• Long Life - only three moving parts - components through hardened to R c-54 or higher for wear resistance and strength.

• Multi-pump Ratio Capability - outer drive gear allows multiple pumps to be driven at different gear ratios by a single motor.

Zenith BMB/BMC Series pumps offer the metering benefits of the well known Zenith BPB series except in larger displacement designs. Dependable control of critical process streams or additives is equally important at higher flowrates, and Zenith BMB/BMC Series pumps often pay for themselves in savings in less than one year when they are used to replace less accurate metering methods. The reliable, repeatable, pulseless metered flow from a Zenith pump improves process control and mixing while eliminating costly overdosing.

Maintaining reliable flow control despite variations in temperature, viscosity and pressure

The Zenith B Series pumps are designed to provide stable, precise and repeatable flow control of process fluid despite variations in temperature, viscosity, and pressure. The Zenith B Series pumps are broadly applied to metering services such as colorings, catalysts, resins, flavorings, perfumes, vitamins, oils, adhesives, coatings, paints/varnishes, polymers, lubricants, dyes, defoamers, pharmaceuticals, urethanes, fuels and viscose.

Product Models and Specifications:

BPB SeriesBMB SeriesBMC SeriesBLB SeriesBXB Series
Available Capacities0.16 – 2.92 cc / rev5 – 6 cc / rev11.1 – 27.8 cc / rev5 – 100 cc / rev100 – 200 cc / rev
Flow Rate0.025 – 8.3 GPH0.88 – 16 GPH1.79 – 79.3 GPH0.8 – 285 GPH15.85 – 570 GPH
Max Operating Temperature300F (150C)300F (150C)300F (150C)300F (150C)300F (150C)
Max Inlet PressureUp to 500 psiUp to 300 psiUp to 300 psiUp to 500 psiUp to 300 psi
Max Discharge PressureUp to 1,500 psiUp to 1,000 psiUp to 500 psiUp to 3000 psiUp to 3,000 psi
Viscosity RangeUp to 100,000 cpUp to 100,000 cpUp to 100,000 cpUp to 500,000 cpUp to 2,000,000 cp


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