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Product Type
Pumps > Gear
Related Industries
General Industry
Pressure Differential
Maximum: 15bar-d
Fluid Temperature Range
Maximum: 200°C
Flow Capacity
Construction Features
Categegory Tags
Design Types
base plate

Product Description

Internal Gear pump

Product Features

TUSHACO IG series employs proven Internal Gearing (Gear within Gear) principle for pumping. The main gear is keyed to the drive shaft, and rotates concentric in the pump casing. Idler is located on an eccentric pin on the front cover to rotate freely and meshes with main gear when assembled. A crescent shaped partition precision machined on the front cover maintains a small, but positive clearance to achieve perfect sealing between parts. As the gears come out of mesh, a partial vacuum is created, forcing the fluid to rush into the pump casing and fill in the voids between the teeth. Both gears rotating in the same direction of rotation gently transfer the fluid to the delivery port. The resulting action is a smooth-steady flow; low in pulsation, noise and vibration.

Single shaft design well supported on outboard bearing (except for one inside sleeve bearing) enables to pump products even with poor lubricating value unlike in the external gear pumps. External bearing construction offers easy access the pump components i.e., rotor set and even pump casing simply by removing the front cover without disturbing drive parts, bearings etc., and in place. Block pump mounted integrally on hollow shaft gearbox automatically reduces the speed (in several ratios) and enables even the pump rotor to be pulled out without disturbing the drive! It is easily possible to jacket front and rear covers for product heating - thus making the design unique and versatile - ideally suited for process pumping.

Typical Pumped Media
Food and beverage products like Butter, Chewing Gum, Chocolate, Fats, Fruit Juices, Honey, Ice Cream, Molasses, Sauce, Yeast, Syrup, etc.
Soap, Shampoo, etc

Typical Application
Forwarding and transfer

Typical Industries:
Food & Beverages, Drugs & pharmaceutical, Chemical Industry

Maximum performance data

upto 800 lpm

Diff. Pressure:

upto 15 bar

Maximum Operating parameters

upto 1,00,000 cSt

Fluid Temperature:

upto 200 °C

Material of Construction
Casing options:

Cast Iron / Cast Steel


Carbon Steel / Cast Iron / Stainless Steel

Sealing Options

Gland packing / Mechanical seal

Construction features
Jacketing options:

Partial / Cover / No jacketing

Mounting options

Horizontal Foot / Horizontal Flange

Relief valve options

Built-in / Line mounted

Relief valves, base frame, coupling, coupling guard, companion flanges, pressure gauges, electric motor, variable speed drives, etc.
Pump mounted on a base plate with above accessories as a ready to install system can be supplied
Salient features

Smooth quite flow


Excellent self priming

Bracket/ Gear box mounting allows free expansion/ contraction -

alignment not affected

Insensitive to viscosities

Easy maintenance

All metal construction, no contamination

Built-in reducer offers ideal speed range 240~960 RPM

Single sealing, external bearing

Slow speeds ensure better pumping & longer life

Low noise and pulsation

Reduced maintenance


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