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Product Type
Pumps > Gear
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General Industry
Pressure Differential
Maximum: 250bar-d
Fluid Temperature Range
Maximum: 150°C
Flow Capacity
Construction Features
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Design Types
base plate

Product Description

External Gear pump

Product Features

External gear pump uses two external helical gears. In this, one gear is driven by the prime mover and drives another gear. The gears are supported by bearings in both side of the gear shaft. As the gears rotate they separate on the intake side of the pump, creating a void and suction which is filled by fluid. The fluid is carried in the teeth cavity to the discharge side of the pump, where the meshing of the gears displaces the fluid. The mechanical clearances are fixed to suit the liquid viscosity, to keep the slip minimum. As the shafts are supported at both the sides, these pumps are highly suitable for highly viscous fluids like resins, soap stocks etc. besides for normal fuel/lube oil applications. Because of the precise clearances between the gears to suit the application and fluid properties, these pumps are well suited for precise applications.

Typical Pumped Media
Fuel Oil, Lube Oil, paints, varnish, resins, grease, etc

Typical Application
Transfer, jacking oil service for rotor lifting, pressurized lubrication

Typical Industries:
Power Generation, Steel, Paint, Chemical, Oil depots

Maximum performance data

upto 1700 lpm

Diff. Pressure:

upto 7 bar

Special hydraulic pumps are available for pressures upto 250 bar
Maximum Operating parameters

upto 30,000 cSt

Fluid Temperature:

upto 150 °C

Material of Construction
Casing options:

Cast Iron / Cast Steel


Carbon steel / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron

Sealing Options

Gland packing / Mechanical seal / Oil seal

Construction features
Jacketing options:

Partial / Cover / No jacketing

Mounting options

Horizontal Foot / Horizontal Flange

Relief valve options



Relief valves, base frame, coupling, coupling guard, companion flanges, pressure gauges, electric motor, variable speed drives, etc.
Pump mounted on a base plate with above accessories as a ready to install system can be supplied

Salient features

Excellent Self Priming

Smooth Flow

Low Noise & Vibration


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