Product Description

DBB valves are free of springs, bellows, packing, and lubricants in the process wetted area. Metal-to-metal seals to atmosphere to prevent transport of undesirable elements into the flow stream. The DBB diaphragm valve is a modular, doubleblock- and-bleed valve assembly. Stand-alone and multi-stream DBB Manifold assemblies can be easily integrated into an ANSI/ISA-76 compliant system with the use of a simple adapter plate. (see the CT76 Modular Substrate System CTMS3 catalog for additional information).

Product Features

  • Environmentally friendly. Even if the valve fails to work the metal to metal seal will not allow process leakage to the atmosphere.
  • Integrated sweep loop in manifold
  • Double-block-and-bleed on/off control
  • Surface mount ANSI/ISA-76 compliant*
  • Metal-to-metal seals to atmosphere to prevent leakage
  • Wide choice of body and elastomer materials
  • No dynamic o-rings, springs, or lubricant in process wetted area of valves to eliminate sample contamination
  • Very low internal volume (0.16 cc)
  • Pneumatic actuation from top or manifold
  • Process pressure from vacuum (50 torr) to 500 psig (34 barg)
  • Multiple stacked diaphragms for extended service life
  • Interlocking pins between valve body and manifold baseplate to ensure 100% correct reassembly (not applicable for surface mount models)


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