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  • Corrosion resistant alloys
  • 6MO

  • 316

  • Super Duplex

  • 625/825

  • HC

6mm to 50mm / ¼” to 2”

Technology Breakthrough in Safety and Reliability for Small Bore Tubing Systems

GYROLOK® XP has been developed as a critical service, durable design to improve safety at higher pressures and provide easier installation on small bore tubing systems.

GYROLOK® XP incorporates design and material technology innovations that allow the fitting to be assembled onto high yield strength and thicker wall tube, compared to conventional compression tube fitting designs.

GYROLOK® XP has been fully validated across a broad range of austenitic and high-performance alloys, tubing sizes, and wall thicknesses. Examples include: 316, 6MO, Super Duplex, 625/825, HC

Unique design innovations allow the fitting to be used at higher pressures on thicker walled tubing; in some cases, eliminating the need for less reliable cone and threaded arrangements or more costly welded installation or other permanent methods.

Product Features

Mechanically Stronger Fitting Nut

  • 70% more material in high-stress areas
  • 50% more thread engagement means lower make-up torque, and greater tube holding performance

Fitting Ferrule Systems

  • Front Ferrule - Sharper delta angle feature to improve sealing on hard/heavy wall tube
  • Rear Ferrule - Provides better gyration control to grip tighter and more reliably on higher yield strength/tough tube, such as Super Duplex, HC, 625.

Built-in Assembly Gauge

  • Exposed fitting body threads provide a visual indicator to show the fitting is not fully assembled. The assembly condition of the fitting is instantly recognizable
  • Mechanical Safety stop prevents the fitting from being over tightened

Standard Features

  • Standard 1 ¼ turns makeup procedure
  • Works with standard tubing
  • Available from 6mm to 50mm / ¼” to 2” sizes
  • Available in a full range of corrosion resistant alloys including 6mo, HC, Super Duplex etc.


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