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Monel, Teflon


24" x 22" Plate Size

HF Acid Sample System

TSI's HF Acid Sample Valve/Cylinder assembly has been designed solely for the purpose of collecting HF Acid safely. This Valve/Cylinder assembly is constructed of all Monel 400 material with a Teflon Plug seal. The cylinder can be produced in various volumes (10ml; 20ml; 40ml; 60ml) to collect the exact amount of sample required by the lab to ensure minimal waste disposal. The valve/cylinder assembly allows the HF to Flow through to ensure a fresh representative sample is collected every time, TSI produces a Lab unit specifically for the purpose of safely extracting the HF from the Valve/Cylinder Assembly. This Lab unit includes all the components needed to extract, flush, and purge the HF from the valve assembly.

Product Features

  • Monel 400 Construction
  • Finger tight seal face fittings
  • Re-usable valve / cylinder assembly
  • flush and purge capabilities
  • Customized sample cylinder
  • Operation and identification tags provided on front of panel


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