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Monel, Stainless Steel and Hastelloy C., Hastelloy B, Alloy 20

Seats and Seals - Teflon.


14" x 6" Plate Size

MH Manual Continuous Sample System

Features a 1/4 turn, three way ball valve with a .187 orifice. Our sample valve features a customized ball that allows continuous flow during the sampling process. The MH sample system is typically used for lower pressure and temperature applications with a return. All Manual Continuous Sampling Systems collect emission free, representative samples of process while ensuring operator safety. Easy to install and operate, the sample dispenses into the sample bottle by merely opening a valve. Process pressure pushes the sample through the valve into the bottle via a needle. With optional Process Needle Purge, zero dead volume is ensured.

Product Features

  • Replaceable process needle .065" to .203"
  • .109, .148, .203 process needle with teflon coating
  • Replaceable pencil point vent needle
  • Shroud assembly with viewing windows
  • Operation and identification tags provided on front of panel


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