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Product Description

The Texas Sampling, Inc. Detector Tube sample system is used to take a relative emission free sample safely. To do this, our system drops the pressure to 5 PSIG or less. The large cylinder is used as a low pressure accumulation chamber that the gas flows through. The Drager tube is inserted in the top fitting to the right of the cylinder and the valve is opened. The operator makes ten squeezes of the pump, or has an automated pump on the shelf that pulls 100ml through the tube. The tube is read for PPM H2s, which gives the plant personnel an indication of the corrosiveness inside the pipe.

Product Features

  • Eliminates Operator exposure during gas detection and sample operation
  • System regulates pressure to prevent excess pressure on detector tube while sampling
  • System is specially designed to seal the Detector Tube to prevent exposure while sampling
  • Easy to read Operation Instructions
  • System is designed to assure a representative sample in both detection tube and optional sample cylinder
  • Durable & Robust System


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