CIRCOR Completes Expansion in Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone

First Pump Shipment From Integrated Facility on April 23

Weihai, China (May 15, 2020) – Continuing to drive its strategy of increasing local product availability and support in China and the Asia-Pacific market, CIRCOR has opened for business at its expanded 6,000 sqm plant in the city of Weihai, Shandong province. The fully integrated facility is providing end-to-end manufacturing, sales and service to commercial marine and industrial customers in the region.

CIRCOR’s expansion in the Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone (ETDZ) reinforces the company’s capacity to provide strong support and foster proximity to new and longtime flow control customers as well as the regional supplier base. The Weihai facility is readily accessible by highway, air, rail and sea.

“Our customers demand high quality products, systems and support within the region, and we are fortunate to be able to respond with our robust flow control product portfolio and local support teams,” said Ashish Dutta, Vice President, CIRCOR China and Industrial APAC. “The team completed the plant move and setup while paying special attention to COVID-19 safety protocols, with no disruption to supply and shipments. Our first shipment went out on April 23.”

At the new facility in Weihai, CIRCOR will manufacture commercial marine packages, three-screw positive displacement pumps, control valves, progressing cavity pumps and centrifugal pumps. In addition, the Weihai team will offer engineering expertise and after-sales support to ensure a localized and complete value chain, with an emphasis on faster quotes and shorter lead times.

“Expanding in the region, especially in the commercial marine sector, is important to CIRCOR’s continuing growth as a global supplier,” said Scott Buckhout, CIRCOR CEO. “Being close to our customers gives us the strong foundation we need to help everyone succeed.”

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About CIRCOR International, Inc.

CIRCOR International, Inc. (NYSE: CIR) designs, manufactures and markets differentiated technology products and subsystems for markets including oil & gas, industrial, aerospace & defense and commercial marine. CIRCOR has a diversified product portfolio of recognized, market-leading brands (Allweiler®, Houttuin™, Imo®, Leslie Controls, Pipeline Engineering, RTK®, Schroedahl®, Tushaco®, Warren® and Zenith®) that fulfill its customers’ mission critical needs. The company’s strategy is to grow organically and through complementary acquisitions; simplify CIRCOR’s operations; achieve world class operational excellence; and attract and retain top talent. For more information, visit the company’s website at



中国威海(2020年5月15日)– 为了持续推动其在中国和亚太市场增加本地产品供应和支持的战略,CIRCOR位于山东威海市扩建的6,000平方米工厂开业 。该集成工厂可为该地区的商业船舶和工业客户提供端到端的制造,销售和服务。


“我们的客户要求在该地区提供高质量的产品,系统和支持,我们很幸运能够以我们强大的流量控制产品组合和本地支持团队做为回应,” CIRCOR中国和工业亚太区副总裁Ashish Dutta如是说。 “该团队完成了工厂的搬迁和各项设置,同时特别注意了COVID-19安全规程,没有因搬迁影响到供应和装运。我们的第一批货物于4月23日发货。”


CIRCOR首席执行官Scott Buckhout表示:“该地区的扩张,特别是在商业海运领域,对于CIRCOR作为全球供应商的持续增长至关重要。” “与客户保持亲密关系为我们奠定了坚实的基础,我们需要帮助每个人成功。”


关于CIRCOR International,Inc.

CIRCOR International,Inc.(纽约证券交易所代码:CIR)为石油和天然气,工业,航空航天和国防以及商业船舶等市场设计,制造和销售差异化的技术产品和子系统。 CIRCOR拥有公认的,市场领先品牌的多元化产品组合(Allweiler®,Houttuin™,Imo®,Leslie Controls,管道工程,RTK®,Schroedahl®,Tushaco®,Warren®和Zenith®),可以满足客户的极端需求。 该公司的战略是通过互补收购实现有机增长。 简化CIRCOR的运作; 实现世界一流的卓越运营; 并吸引和留住顶尖人才。 有关更多信息,请访问公司的网站

CIRCOR's new Weihai facility provides a fully integrated, end-to-end customer experience from manufacturing, sales and service. CIRCOR的新威海工厂可提供从制造,销售到服务的完整集成的端到端客户体验。