Comprehensive Portfolio of Pigging and Flow Assurance Products and Services

Pipeline Engineering is a world leader in the designing, testing, and manufacturing of pipeline pigging and flow assurance products, engineering, pipeline cleaning services, and project management.

The ability to provide project-specific products and service solutions to the oil, gas, process, and renewable industries, has forged our reputation as a proven source of quality and expertise.

Featured Products

Pipeline Engineering - ROC (Rapid Opening Closure)

A Closure System that ensures Safe, quick, and reliable access to pipelines. ASME VIII Div 1 compliant, and is a key part of a pressure vessel.

Pipeline Engineering - Omni-Signaller

PE's range of Intrusive and Non-Intrusive pig signallers (scraper passage indicators) are tracking instruments fitted to pig launcher and receiver stations to confirm the launch or arrival of a pig/scraper.

Pipeline Engineering - Launchers, Receivers, Traps

Pig/Scraper launchers and pig/scraper receivers are installed on pipelines to launch and receive pipeline pigs, pipeline spheres, and pipeline inspection tools. Pig launchers & pig receivers offer a safe and

Pipeline Engineering - Foam Pigs

Foam Pigs and Scrapers, used for a variety of pipeline leaning activities: Liquid Removal, swabbing, drying, product separation, cleaning. Designed to be disposable.

Pipeline Engineering - Solid Cast Polyurethane Pigs / Slik Pigs

Solid Cast Pigs/Scrapers are typically used as sealing Pigs to remove debris, and to keep pipelines clear of deposit build up. Designed to be disposable.

Pipeline Engineering - Metal Bodied Pigs

Metal Bodied Pigs/Scrapers are designed to meet specific requirements of pipelines, and are a detailed, designed, engineered product

In The News

Product Releases2021.03.10

CIRCORSmart App puts critical product data in the palm of your hand.

CIRCOR International, Inc. has released CIRCORSmart, a free mobile app designed for use by operators of a variety of CIRCOR Pipeline Engineering products. Using QR codes and NFC technology, CIRCORSmart accesses essential and specific product data instantly.
Press Releases2020.05.15

CIRCOR Completes Expansion in Weihai ETDZ

Continuing to drive its strategy of increasing local product availability and support in China and the Asia-Pacific market, CIRCOR has opened for business at its expanded 6,000 sqm plant in the city of Weihai, Shandong province. The fully integrated facility is providing end-to-end manufacturing, sales and service to commercial marine and industrial customers in the region.


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