Innovative Steam Control for Increased Efficiency

Nicholson designs and manufactures steam traps and condensate pumps expressly for industrial applications: condensate systems, district heating, main steam systems, process control, and process heating. Our product line includes the NTD-600 Stainless Steel Steam Trap, rated for pressures up to 600 PSIG (41.3 barg) and temperatures up to 800°F (426°C). And, the company’s patented Celtron® replaceable steam trap cartridge, enables ultra-efficient cartridge servicing.

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Food & Beverage Case Study

CIRCOR solution helps eliminate downtime caused by insufficient water temperature that was causing disruptions to the bottling operation and the plant’s productivity outputs.

Fluid Controls Institute

CIRCOR | Nicholson is a proud member of FCI

CIRCOR | Nicholson is a proud member of the Fluid Controls Institute (FCI), a non-profit association of fluid control equipment manufacturers. FCI has distinguished itself in the technical advancement of the fluid control industry through the development of standards to promote better products of higher quality and greater usefulness.

Featured Products

Nicholson - NTD, Steam Traps

Device remains closed until trapped vapors inside condensate allowing the disc to release and the process to repeat.

Nicholson - Drain Air/Mini Drain, TAV and NAV, Air Traps

Removes air from and other gases from hyonic heating, cooling systems, and other light liquid services.

Nicholson Mechanical Steam Traps

Uses Fluid Level and Venting Capabilities of a Thermostatic Traps

Nicholson - NLD, Liquid Drainer Traps

Float and lever operated design allows fluid to drain from air and gas systems by filling with fluid allowing the valve to open and drain as necessary.

Nicholson Thermostatic Steam Traps

Uses Temperature sensitive Bellows to open or close

Nicholson - CDS202/203/204, CDH Series,  DS100/DS110, DS200, Sanitary Traps

Valve opening automatically adjusts to load conditions from minimum on very light loads to full lift at maximum load. Product is suitable for sterilization of process vessels, culinary steam, CIP/SIP


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