We offer a variety of highly reliable pneumatic rail and tube launchers for unmanned aircraft vehicles and systems. Featuring rugged, lightweight construction and high-pressure performance, our equipment is manufactured to MIL-STD 810 and DO-160 specifications, supporting multiple launches.


    CIRCOR’s man-portable air-defense systems deliver high-pressure performance in demanding military situations. Featuring relief valves, high-pressure pneumatics, surface-mount switches, tape-and-reel packaging, hermetically sealed switches, and lightweight construction, they can accommodate a wide temperature range while delivering stunning accuracy.


    Our high-pressure pneumatic missile ejection systems feature inert-gas technology and hermetically sealed surface-mount switches, with kinetic absorption and safe/arm capabilities. Relief valves are also utilized for weapons and armament systems. Maintaining performance in a wide temperature range, this sturdy equipment delivers accuracy—reliably and repeatably.


    CIRCOR serves the defense industry with a range of high-quality flow-control solutions for weapons and armament systems. Utilizing hydraulic valves and manifolds in weapons-handling systems, along with high-pressure pneumatics, our equipment is designed to the highest specifications, including MIL-STD 810 and DO-160, delivering confidence, reliability, and accuracy.

    Our products include a variety of fluid-control valves, actuation products, motors (brushless-DC and brushed-type), pressure-reducing stations, firing valves, kinetic switches, torpedo charging, and weapon system supply.