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HOKE® valves and fittings are recognized as the best in class for reliability and global distribution—assuring the availability of and delivery of its products. In the early 1960’s, HOKE introduced the GYROLOK® tube fitting. GYROLOK design features offer innovative advantages and benefits that are unmatched in the industry.

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Hoke - Gyrolok XP

GYROLOK® XP has been developed as a critical service, durable design to improve safety at higher pressures and provide easier installation on small bore tubing systems.

GYROLOK® XP incorporates design and material technology innovations that allow the fitting to be assembled onto high yield strength and thicker wall tube, compared to conventional compression tube fitting designs.

GYROLOK® XP has been fully validated across a broad range of austenitic and high-performance alloys, tubing sizes, and wall thicknesses. Examples include: 316, 6MO, Super Duplex, 625/825, HC

Unique design innovations allow the fitting to be used at higher pressures on thicker walled tubing; in some cases, eliminating the need for less reliable cone and threaded arrangements or more costly welded installation or other permanent methods.

HOKE - 7100 Series, Ball Valve Instrumentation

Used for quick on-off service with a visual indication of flow, HOKE’s 2-way ball valves offer orifice sizes up to 0.25” (6.4mm). 7100 series valves feature a floating ball design, encapsulated replaceable seats and check seals to ensure leak-tight service and extended service life.

HOKE - General Purpose Multimite 79, Ball Valve Instrumentation

Multimite 4-way, or dual switching valves allow two distinct flow paths to be used at the same time. The 5-way, or diverter valves off er the same functionality as 3-way valves except with four alternate paths.

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Technology Breakthrough in Safety and Reliability for Small Bore Tubing Systems
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CIRCOR International announces a significant safety milestone of over two years (over one million working hours) without a Total Recordable Injury (TRI) at the Instrumentation and Sampling facility.


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