LAUNCH Overview

LAUNCH has been designed as a three-year program offering you the opportunity to contribute to multiple areas of our organization. Each one-year rotation creates the ability to impact our day-to-day business. This impact is created while working in various functions, such as; Operations, Business Development, Product Management, Finance, and Sales & Marketing.

CIRCOR offers LAUNCH so you have the ability to work across multiple businesses at various global locations, to gain a global, strategic perspective. Participating in the LAUNCH program connects you with leaders in the organization, and provides development and mentor opportunities to navigate a successful experience.

What you can expect:

  • Competitive Salary & Benefits
  • Multiple Locations / Global Exposure
  • Impactful Rotations
  • Flexibility
  • Entrepreneurial, yet collaborative environment
  • Long-term Growth Opportunity

What we expect:

In-Depth Experience. Hands-On Exposure.

This three-year rotational program offers the opportunity to rotate through three assignments that gives you an in-depth experience in multiple business areas, with hands-on exposure.


Gain valuable insight into the core of our organization. Operations plays a vital role, and owns the entire value stream from order entry through order fulfillment. As an Operations Professional, you will have an opportunity to work in any of a number of disciplines including supply chain, production, manufacturing engineering, quality, and continuous improvement. You will be part of a cross functional team deploying LEAN tools and methodologies, responsible for flawless performance and execution, in the on time delivery of products to our customers.

Business Development / Mergers & Acquisitions

Participate in strategic planning, develop acquisitions pipeline, support and lead due diligence, deal execution and integration. In addition, the Graduate will support various enterprise wide organic growth efforts. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of CIRCOR Products, the competitive environment, and the markets we address to better support functional initiatives and provide recommendations to business partners. Participate in development of long-term strategic plans which reflects customer and market inputs, CIRCOR capabilities, and the competitive environment.

Product Management

The Product Management program is designed to offer an opportunity to partner globally with Sales, Vertical Marketing, Engineering, Operations and other key functions. You will be responsible for defining and executing strategies for growing revenue and profitability of a portfolio of global products, and developing a clear understanding of served markets, based on customer interaction and market research. You will be part of a team to ensure on time and under budget program delivery by executing business case analyses, forecasting, and modeling.


This program offers exposure to financial operations and functions that are critical to the success of the company. You will experience oversight of the accounting and financial infrastructure, management of the corporation’s financial position, financial analytics, and reporting at both corporate and business unit levels, and interaction with the corporation’s shareholders.

Sales & Marketing

This rotation allows you the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of developing and executing on local sales plans which enhance the relationship with current customers, while developing new markets in the large, underdeveloped marketplaces. Your work will focus on watching the market trends and creating analytics or working with the sales team. You will build superior knowledge of customer and market needs by spending time in the field, traveling with sales representatives, and meeting with customers across the globe and locally. Overall, you will develop a clear understanding of served markets, based on customer interaction and market research.

Executive Support

I am very excited to be introducing the LAUNCH program at CIRCOR. The program will provide graduates an opportunity to experience multiple segments of our business over a three year period, and most importantly to directly impact business results. It is an exciting time to be considering CIRCOR as a company. We have recently completed our largest acquisition in our history. Growth opportunities and business challenges abound. I look forward to meeting many of you on campus or at CIRCOR soon.

Andrew Farnsworth

Chief Human Resources Officer

I will celebrate my 10-year anniversary this year and CIRCOR still feels like a new company. We are evolving as an organization at the pace of a start-up – continuously adding talent, new products, new markets and new regions to our portfolio. CIRCOR combines entrepreneurial spirit, risk taking and a collaborative culture to deliver extraordinary results. A differentiating attribute of CIRCOR is its industry leading M&A capability – we have deployed over $1 billion in acquisitions in the last four years, delivering top quartile returns.

The LAUNCH program provides graduates with a unique opportunity to work closely with the C-suite and take on mission-critical assignments for our businesses. The LAUNCH program will fast-track your development into a seasoned, well-rounded business leader.

Arjun "AJ" Sharma

SVP, Business Development

What Our LAUNCH Alumni Are Saying

LAUNCHED to Upward Mobility

The CIRCOR Rotational Program was the right place for me because I wanted to join an organization where I could make an impact by improving process and driving results. I was given that opportunity in several roles that were two or three levels from the Division President. The business has a true P&L structure which is valuable on the path to a General Manager role. In addition, my international travel to sites over two years allowed for exposure to international sites as well as domestic. In general, I noticed that I would have exposure to senior management, opportunity to make an impact, and international exposure.

LAUNCHING Toward Success

I chose the CIRCOR rotational Launch Program for the opportunity to take on significant responsibilities of business management from multiple vantage points. The rotations were tailored in a fashion that I could gain a competency in certain business function based on my overall competency matrix and fulfill the business need at the same time. The inside perspective from each of my rotations has provided keen insights into the way our company operates.

I’ve gained a powerful understanding of the differences in team cultures, dynamics, motivation and responsibilities across the organization. This valuable perspective is something I will be able to strongly leverage when I graduate from this program.

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