CPC-Cryolab designs and manufactures cryogenic valves and equipment, and specializes in making vacuum jacketed, extended stem, bonnet, and bellow seal cryogenic valves, as well as cryogenic connections.

In addition, the company makes safety, relief, gas, diverter valves, and safety relief valve sub-assemblies. CPC-Cryolab also offers actuators, vacuum seal off valves and operators, and pressure relief discs.

Though our standardization and expertise are better known for the critical applications in the use, handling, and transfer of liquid hydrogen, we have a wide range of valves and vacuum insulated products that support other cryogenic liquids and gases such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen and LNG.

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CPC-Cryolab developed a vacuum seal-off valve that supports an Ultra High Vacuum environment for vacuum chambers used on Cryogenic Electron Microscopes without using the vacuum greases or lubricants typically used on sub-atmospheric vacuum sealing elastomer components on standard commercial vacuum seal-off valves.

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CPC-Cryolab - Bayonet Connections

Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Connections

CPC-Cryolab - EC4 Series, Shutoff Valves

Extended Stem Cryogenic Shutoff Valves Manual or Automatic

CPC-Cryolab - ES4 Series, Shutoff Valves

Bronze Extended Cryogenic Shutoff Valves

CPC-Cryolab - CV3 Series, Shutoff Valves

Cryogenic Vacuum Jacketed Shutoff Valve

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Product Releases2019.09.11

Valve World Americas: Spotlight on CIRCOR International - Excellence in Flow Control

Valve World Americas had the opportunity to speak to CIRCOR’s cryogenic, power and process, and aftermarket divisions to discuss new product advances and their global reach.


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