2019 in Review: CIRCOR Cryogenics

Read how CIRCOR Cryogenics highlights the increasing global demand for liquid helium ISO storage containers as a key milestone towards the growth and success it experienced this year in this featured article in Gasworld digital publication.

Stanley Levandowski, Senior Program Manager, Cryogenics, sees 2020 and the coming horizon to be “the most exciting growth periods in the industrial gas industrial since the hydrogen industrial revolution of the late 1970s and 1980s”.

Founded in 1961, CIRCOR CPC-Cryolab’s solutions are custom engineered to accommodate control systems, along with a wide range of pressure and flow capacities for cryogenic applications, including cryogenic liquids and gases such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen, and LNG.

Its products include regulators, valves, pneumatic and intelligent electric actuators, vacuum-jacketed valves and filters, extended-stem valves, bellow-seal valves, cylinder filling systems for pallets and racks, pressure and control solutions for gas supply applications and trailer loading/offloading equipment.

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Stanley Levandowski, Sr Program Manager, Cryogenics is featured in Gasworld digital publication today