CIRCOR International - Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement

Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement

CIRCOR achieves operational excellence through aligning people, processes and technology, and drives superior results through the pursuit of repeatable, reliable and lean processes that focus on continuous improvement.

Utilizing the CIRCOR Business System, we are:

CIRCOR began building a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence in 2005 through a large-scale program to implement Lean operations and Six Sigma. We initially focused on major North American sites and eventually expanded our Lean program across the entire CIRCOR enterprise.

In the first few years, our goal was two-fold: first, develop a talented leadership engine to take CIRCOR to higher levels of operational performance, and second, teach employees how to continually improve their work processes. In 2008, we embarked on the next level of Lean by developing “model lines” at a few of our larger sites to become the Company’s benchmarks. The goal was to redesign the entire product stream, from suppliers to customers, for breakthrough performance and efficiency. CIRCOR is applying these techniques to non-manufacturing processes as well, improving administrative and supply chain functions to significantly enhance our competitive advantage and take market share.

As CIRCOR continues on its Lean journey, we continue to focus on: lead times and delivery performance, product quality, and facility efficiencies.

Safety is a CIRCOR Absolute

Safety is a CIRCOR Absolute

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