CIRCOR International - Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

Competitive environments drive transition to lower cost manufacturing, and CIRCOR will leverage infrastructure logistics, raw material access and geographical proximity to create the best solutions for our customers and their end use projects.

Our factory and supply chain infrastructure includes an array of manufacturing models, ranging from simple assembly operations to vertically integrated end-to-end supply chain value streams. In order to grow and improve our competitive position, we are developing a global footprint to take advantage of best practices, optimize resources, reduce costs, and relocate operations closer to our customers.

We also purchase outside machined components, forgings, finished valves and operational services to supplement our internal manufacturing capability and to lower our overall costs as well as increase our responsiveness and speed-to-market. We believe that our diverse manufacturing capabilities are essential in the customer markets that we serve in order to provide critical, highly engineered products and solutions that meet the stringent quality and performance requirements of our customers.

We believe that efficient manufacturing and operational excellence is a company-wide core competency and vital to our future success. As such, we invest in the training and development of our employees on a global basis to teach the organization how to continuously improve processes and achieve higher and higher levels of operational execution and performance to our customers. In fact, Lean manufacturing techniques are a critical core competency in our CIRCOR Business System supporting the high performance culture we are building world-wide, regardless of the end markets we serve.