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The CIRCOR Operating System

The driving force behind what enables CIRCOR to accelerate growth for our businesses, customers and the industries we serve every day is the CIRCOR Operating System.

The CIRCOR Operating System is defined by our commitment to attracting, developing and refining the best talent, and achieving operational excellence through revolutionary transformations in our operations and business enterprise processes.

The CIRCOR Operating System is the foundation that supports CIRCOR’s five (5) core competencies, which we are driving across the entire company. These include:

1. Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention

CIRCOR is committed to investing, engaging, challenging and developing our employees, and providing them with the ability to work together to build better processes that benefit the entire company. More

2. Acquisition Integration & Repositioning

CIRCOR’s growth goals include acquisitions. The primary focus is on companies with differentiated technologies in complementary, high-growth markets, that we already understand. We will penetrate markets where demand is driven by demographic change and technology shifts, and utilize our successful record of business integration and ability to reposition targeted factories to meet our customers’ needs. More

3. Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

Competitive environments drive transition to lower cost manufacturing, and CIRCOR will leverage infrastructure logistics, raw material access and geographical proximity to create the best solutions for our customers and their end use projects. More

4. Global Business Development

Forging strong customer relationships is vital to winning new product programs on long-term growth platforms. Our customers recognize our enhanced abilities worldwide. More

5. New Product Innovation

CIRCOR leverages the power of new and combined global design and sourcing capabilities to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. More

Utilizing the CIRCOR Operating System has enabled us to leverage our high-performance, lean operations to grow globally; tie our supply chain directly to our customers’ demands; acquire strategic businesses that expand our capabilities in mature and emerging markets; refine and improve our ability to forge meaningful customer relationships; and achieve significant advances in product innovation.

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