CIRCOR International - Aerospace - Customer Focused, Highly Engineered Solutions for the World's Most Demanding Energy Applications

Customer Focused, Highly Engineered Solutions for the World's Most Demanding Energy Applications

The CIRCOR Energy group is a market-leading, global provider of integrated flow control solutions and services in the expanding and evolving oil and gas industries, specializing in highly engineered valves, pipeline products, and services.

Comprised of best-in-class, historically significant product brands, we consistently satisfy our customers' mission-critical application needs by utilizing advanced technologies that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, from land-based to sub-sea and in between.

CIRCOR Energy will continue to grow by expanding our capabilities in the energy value stream, focusing on global infrastructure build outs in emerging markets, and through strategic acquisitions.

In competitive markets, we are recognized for our:

Lane Walker

“CIRCOR Energy’s strong, globally recognized product brands and differentiated technology provide the foundation for solid growth and unyielding support of our customers' success.”

Lane Walker
Group President, Energy

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Markets Served

Markets Served

Circor Energy serves an ever increasing range of energy-focused markets on a local, national and global level. Key to our business strategy is the targeting of new markets that can benefit from our innovative products and system solutions. Markets served today include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Maritime
  • General Industrial
  • Industrial Gas/CNG
  • Metals & Mining
  • Food & Beverage

Product Range

Circor Energy offers a range of highly engineered products, including:

  • Actuation packages
  • Bend restrictors
  • Butterfly valves
  • Cable centralizers
  • Cable protection systems
  • Check valves
  • Control valves
  • Controllers
  • DeSuperheaters
  • EGM/EFM buildings
  • Floating ball valves
  • Flow control skids
  • Fuel gas skids
  • Gas chromatograph systems
  • Gas handling systems
  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Headers
  • Instrumentation valves & fittings
  • Isolation/test control valves
  • J-tube seals
  • Liquid level controllers, switches, sight gauges
  • Mainline valve settings
  • Metal bodied and foam pigs
  • Needle valves
  • On-off valves
  • Orifice metering skids
  • Pig launcher/receiver systems
  • Pig launchers and receivers
  • Pig signalers
  • Pilot operated valves
  • Pneumatic & electric actuators
  • Pressure regulators
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Quick opening closures
  • Regulators
  • Safety relief valves
  • Sampling systems
  • Semi-Conductor
  • Severe service valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Solid polyurethane pigs and spheres
  • Specialty pigs
  • Steam heaters
  • Steam traps
  • Subsea laydown heads
  • Trunnion mounted ball valves
  • Turbine by-pass valves
  • Ultrasonic metering skids
  • Valve positioners and associated instrumentation
  • Valve stem extensions
  • Valve switching skids


Circor Energy offers our customers and the markets we serve a range of critical and severe environment applications, including:

  • Balance of Plant
  • Blow-down
  • Boiler Systems
  • Compressor stations
  • Condensate Systems
  • Cryogenic
  • District Heating
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Gas gathering systems
  • Inline testing devices
  • Level Control
  • Liquid level control
  • Main Steam
  • Mainline pipeline
  • Manifold service
  • Mining (water management)
  • Oil & gas transmission
  • Oil sands
  • Over pressure protection
  • Pressure control
  • Process control
  • Process Heating
  • Safety shut-in (SSV)
  • Severe Service
  • Steam assisted gravity drainage
  • Thermal applications
  • Treatment facilities
  • Well hook ups