CIRCOR International - History


Every single Circor business unit represents a fundamental piece of our HISTORY and a step in
our journey to become “ONE” Circor.

Navigate in our interactive Circor History timeline, discover with us when each business was
founded and acquired, and learn more about each business by clicking on the logo’s hyperlinks…

CIRCOR History - Timeline
Aerodyne Controls Aerodyne Controls Aerospace Inc Circle Seal Controls Circle Seal Controls CIRCOR Bodet CIRCOR Bodet CIRCOR Industria CIRCOR Industria CIRCOR Maroc CIRCOR Maroc CIRCOR Motors CIRCOR Motors Contromatics Contromatics CPC Cryolab CPC Cryolab Dopak Sampling Systems Dopak Sampling Systems Go Regulator Go Regulator Hale Hamilton Hale Hamilton HOKE HOKE Hydroseal Hydroseal KF Valves KF Valves Laurence Laurence Leslie Controls Leslie Controls Mallard Control Mallard Control Nicholson Steam Trap Nicholson Steam Trap Pibiviesse Pibiviesse Pipeline Engineering Pipeline Engineering Rockwood Swendeman Rockwood Swendeman RTK RTK Schroedahl Schroedahl CFS CFS Schroedahl Spence Engineering Spence Engineering Texas Sampling Systems Texas Sampling Systems Texas Sampling Systems Watts Water Technologies